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Taking Immediate Action

Formulate a plan to respond to a motorcycle accident

The immediate shock of being in a motorcycle crash can cause uncertainty and indecisiveness if you are not prepared to take action. The dedicated Fort Myers personal injury attorneys at Viles & Beckman, LLC have more than 40 years of combined experience representing motorcycle accident victims, and we have witnessed firsthand the benefits of formulating a clear plan of action for responding to a motorcycle wreck. Should an accident occur, you will be prepared to act with purpose and without hesitation to mitigate injuries and protect your legal rights.

First steps you should take after a motorcycle accident

Your plan of action should include these essential first steps:

  • Seek medical attention — Even if you feel fine, let a doctor or a first responder examine you for injuries. Some injuries that are not immediately apparent may nonetheless be extremely serious.
  • Stay at the scene of the accident — Leaving the scene of an accident is a crime. Remain at the accident site and render aid if you are qualified to do so or call for medical help if you are not.
  • Do not admit fault — Let fault be determined during the legal process. Even if you believe you made a mistake, once all evidence is presented to the court, you may, in fact, not be considered legally at fault.
  • Preserve evidence — If you are physically able, take photographs with your cellphone and gather witnesses’ contact information.
  • Consult a qualified motorcycle accident lawyer — Consult an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer as soon as possible to learn more about your rights and options for recovery.

Learn more about what you should do after a motorcycle accident in Florida

Consult motorcycle accident law firm Viles & Beckman, LLC at 877.709.0633 or contact us online to learn more about your rights and seek the compensation you deserve.