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Fort Myers, FL 33919


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Florida Truck and Trucking Accident Attorneys

Advocating for the rights of injured victims of 18-wheeler crashes

Commercial trucking accidents are almost always catastrophic and often deadly. Small cars and motorcycles do not stand a chance against large, heavy trucks. Despite the dangers, drivers and companies act with total disregard for the safety of other motorists on the highway. When accidents occur, the negligent parties should pay.

Viles & Beckman, LLC was founded in 1995 by aggressive trial lawyers with more than 40 years of combined experience. We doggedly pursue negligent trucking companies, drivers and auto parts manufacturers who cause tragic 18-wheeler accidents.

Whom we sue

Usually, an accident is caused by several careless parties. Our Florida trucking accident attorneys thoroughly review your case to determine whom to name in your lawsuit. We typically sue multiple parties, including the:

  • Owner of the big-rig
  • Operator of the truck
  • Commercial truck driver
  • Company responsible for loading the truck
  • Inspector who allowed the truck onto the highway
  • Municipality responsible for roadway safety
  • Truck mechanics
  • Products manufacturers in cases involving toxic spills
  • Other drivers who contributed to the accident

Wrongful death claims in Florida

If your loved one was killed in a Florida truck accident, you have the right to sue the parties responsible for your loss. Financial compensation can never relieve the suffering caused by the unnecessary death of a family member, but we can help your family retain financial security at a time when you are most vulnerable.

Get the help you need from our aggressive Florida truck accident lawyers

Consult our team of experienced Florida truck accident attorneys at Viles & Beckman, LLC to learn more about your rights and to get the help you need. Call us at 877.709.0633 or contact us online to schedule your no-obligation, free consultation.