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Florida Trucking Company Negligence

Aggressively fighting the companies responsible for your injuries

Every time you pull onto a Florida highway, your safety is threatened by the carelessness of trucking companies and their drivers. Corporations that are focused on profits often cut corners and pressure their drivers to take unnecessary risks to ensure the timely transport of commercial goods. Their greed can end in tragedy for the innocent victims of trucking accidents.

Founded in 1995, Viles & Beckman, LLC aggressively fights companies responsible for serious commercial truck accidents. We demand the compensation you deserve for your injuries, and if you have lost a loved one in an 18-wheeler crash, we hold the negligent parties liable for your loss.

Challenging big corporations

Trucking company executives and employees often make decisions based on revenues and costs, with little concern about the risk to human life. Common tactics trucking companies use to increase profits include:

  • Overloading trucks to transport more goods
  • Setting unreasonable deadlines for deliveries to customers
  • Forcing drivers to speed and skip sleeping to make timely deliveries
  • Pushing drivers to exhaustion and fatigue
  • Ignoring drivers’ use of over-the-counter medications, illegal drugs or alcohol
  • Hiring inexperienced or careless drivers
  • Avoiding expensive truck maintenance
  • Using less-expensive inferior or damaged parts to repair trucks

These negligent actions result in unnecessary and catastrophic accidents for which trucking companies should pay.

Learn more about recovering from negligent trucking companies in Florida

Let the dedicated lawyers at Viles & Beckman, LLC help you recover from negligent Florida trucking companies. Call us at 877.709.0633 or contact us online to schedule your no-obligation, free consultation.