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Boating Accident Injuries and Lawsuits

By Viles Beckman | Jan 07, 2014

Florida waterways attract vacationers from around the world, making licensing virtually impossible. But even if Florida law does not require operators to have licenses similar to those required for drivers, it still requires every boat operator to follow all state and federal boating regulations. If you sustain injuries caused by the negligence of a boat operator — while in your boat or that of another — experienced Florida boating accident attorneys can use their detailed knowledge of state and federal boating laws to help you pursue justice for your claim.

Reports show the sad truth is that boaters frequently flout the laws designed to protect them, failing to observe safety equipment and regulations representing the top violation. In fact, boaters received over 4,000 citations in 2011, according to statistics provided by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. During that same year, almost 900 people received citations for negligent operation of a vessel, and over 300 received citations for operating a vessel under the influence of alcohol or while impaired.

Also importantly, boating accident victims need to understand that the failure to observe local, state and federal regulations typically amounts to negligence under the law. Even if your own negligence contributed to the accident, an experienced Florida boat accident lawyer can help you pursue partial compensation from other individuals who were also negligent.

In an ideal world, every individual who stepped into any form of watercraft would have a clear understanding of all regulations designed for water safety. But whatever your knowledge of the laws may be, if you sustain injuries in a boating accident, you need experienced legal support to identify liability issues that pertain to your situation. The attorneys at Viles & Beckman, LLC have more than four decades of combined experience, using our vast knowledge of intricate state and federal boating regulations to represent victims of boating accidents. It costs nothing to schedule a free case review and consultation, and you pay no attorney fees until we reach a settlement, or win a verdict in your favor.