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Five Things NOT to Do When Filing a Product Liability Claim Consumers have the right to expect that the products they use are safe when used as intended. If an injury occurs as a result of a defective product, or one that is inadequately designed or improperly labeled, the manufacturer and/or distributor of the product can be found liable. A... Read More
Can I File a Lawsuit for a Pressure Cooker Explosion? Pressure cookers, whether they be traditional versions or the new the digital versions like Instant Pot, are very popular with chefs and home cooks alike. But do they pose a safety risk that outweighs the time savings? What makes a pressure cooker dangerous? Pressure cookers have been a popular... Read More
Exploding Batteries are Cause for Serious Concern The days of being tethered to a wall outlet are long gone. For decades, battery-powered devices that we take everywhere have kept up with our busy lives. The same batteries that add convenience and flexibility to our lives also have the potential to explode and set fires. Read on... Read More
Volkswagon Recall Attorneys Volkswagon Recall Volkswagen has been in the news over the past few months for the worst possible reasons. A new class-action lawsuit is forming against Volkswagen over charges the automaker has been rigging vehicles to hide the levels of emissions they produce. Many consumers purchased Volkswagen cars that were... Read More
Popular Heartburn Medication, Zantac, Recalled for Possibly Causing Cancer Over the last few months, many different lawsuits have come to light alleging that the maker of Zantac failed to warn the public that their drug contains a potential carcinogenic chemical. The medication has since been widely recalled, causing serious concern for the 15 million Americans who take the... Read More
Common Vehicle Defects that Cause Road Dangers Defective Parts Cause Car Accidents When you purchase a new vehicle, you expect it to be free from defects. But sometimes, there may be unsuspecting problems that could pose dangers on the road. Many people every year suffer severe injuries because they trust that their vehicle is designed and... Read More
Furniture Tip-Overs: A Hidden Hazard in Your Home Furniture tip-overs account for more deaths than you may expect. But what are they, and what can be done if you or someone you love is involved in a furniture tip-over?  What are Furniture Tip-Overs? Did you know that large furniture can tip over and potentially injure or kill... Read More
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