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Common Crashes Caused by Drunk Drivers

By Viles Beckman | Mar 13, 2019

The statistics connecting drunk driving to automobile accidents are staggering. These accidents can happen at various speeds regardless of traffic congestion and can often include multiple vehicles. The level of intoxication is not always consistent with drunk driving accidents either, as many severe accidents are caused by drivers who register below the aggravated intoxication level of .14 BAC. When you combine drunk drivers with other road dangers, many Florida motorists will become vulnerable to serious and sometimes deadly crashes.

What is Dram Shop Liability?

Florida has implemented a social host and restaurant/bar liability for accidents caused by individuals who became intoxicated at their home or establishment. Meaning those who are injured or die in a crash caused by a drunk driver that came from their location could file suit for additional damages that occurred from the accident. These claims can be complicated and are usually strongly defended. An experienced personal injury attorney understands the intricacies of the Dram Shop Liability law so material case factors can be established and victims can receive the compensation they deserve.

Legal Alcohol Limits

DUI charges are determined by the blood-alcohol level of drivers in all situations. Drivers who register under .05 are generally not in violation of the law unless they are a commercial driver or are underage. A BAC level of .02 applies to commercial drivers, and underage drivers have a zero tolerance policy. Those registering between .05 and .08 are typically charged with wet reckless driving, with those above .08 being charged with a standard DUI. Aggravated charges can result from a .14 BAC or more, and can be felonies if part an accident or have minor children in the vehicle.

How Drinking Impairs Drivers

The manner in which alcohol impairs the body’s system has been well-documented over the years, as it causes drivers to be easily distracted and make irrational driving decisions. Not only do these risky decisions include driving too fast, but they also include the inability to respond quickly to avoid a serious car accident. The capacity for driving safely is greatly diminished with drunk drivers, as statistics clearly demonstrate.

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