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Common Locations Where Premises Liability Occurs

By Viles Beckman | Nov 26, 2018

In the world of premises liability cases, there are so many places where accidents can occur. Unfortunately, there are some common places where slip or trip and falls may occur, putting regular people at risk of serious injuries due to negligence.

For individuals to stay safe, knowing exactly where slip and falls can occur and where they are most common can help you protect yourself. Here are some things that you should know about what to expect if something goes wrong.

Retail Stores and Other Shopping Areas

Retail stores may seem like normal, safe places. However, there are times when problems can arise, such as when the floor is mopped and slippery, when rugs at the entrance may be lifted, or when other tripping hazards may be present.

These are some of the most common types of premises liability cases because they are commonplace for spills and have a high amount of foot traffic. There are many potential dangers that put individuals at serious risk of injury.

Hotels and Resorts

There are many potential dangers at hotels, motels, timeshares, and other resorts. This is often due to lack of maintenance, however, there are also the added issues of public pools and spas where individuals may not be aware of the issues.

Lifted carpet, broken tubs, and wet floors are all potential dangers at hotels and other types of resorts.

Hospitals and Nursing Homes

It’s difficult to think that a place where you go to ensure you’re healthy can be responsible for potential damages. Hospitals and nursing homes are often negligent in their care of patients and residents, allowing for a potential risk of falls.

At Viles & Beckman, we have a firm understanding of premises liability cases, who may be responsible for the damages, and some of the dangers that may exist. As such, we aim to protect injured people in their time of need.

Our Florida premises liability lawyers are completely dedicated to helping you through this difficult time, protecting your rights to move forward. Trust that we’re always focused on your best interests and seeking the most favorable outcome possible.

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