Types of Auto Accidents

Types of Auto Accidents

Auto Accident Attorneys in Fort Myers

types of auto accidents - car accident attorneys in fort myers florida - viles and beckmanThere are many different types of auto accidents. In fact, the term “auto accidents” can be rather confusing because most people think about car crashes first. The scope of the term auto accident is actually much broader than that. Most dictionaries define “automobile” as any self-propelled vehicle that runs on wheels and not rails. That would include cars, trucks, motorcycles, golf carts, and various other personal vehicles. In the legal context, you’ll often see many other vehicles discussed in the context of auto accidents as well — bicycles, boats, and beyond.

Which type of auto accidents do personal injury attorneys handle?

As a Florida driver trying to stay safe on the roads — or as a recent auto accident victim in search of compensation — you really only need to ask two things:

  1. Which types of auto accidents can our law firm help you with? and
  2. Which dangers make various kinds of traffic accidents more likely to happen?

We’ve created this page to answer both those questions for you and provide preliminary guidance on taking your best next steps.

Viles & Beckman, LLC is an experienced auto accident law firm providing full-service personal injury representation for the people of Southwest Florida (and throughout the entire Sunshine State). Our mission is to level the playing field between innocent accident victims and the insurance companies — or other formidable defendants — that owe them money.

In most cases, defendants are stubborn or unwilling when it comes to compensating you for the full value of your damages. Our job is to hold them accountable to the letter of the law, aggressively pursuing every last penny that you deserve.

If you have been injured in a car crash or any other auto accident in Fort Myers, Florida, our talented legal team can help. We’ll do all the heavy lifting in litigation so that you don’t have to. You can count on us.

There are no upfront costs, and we never charge a fee unless and until there is a successful outcome for your claim. You can even schedule a free case review with our auto accident attorneys at absolutely no cost and with no obligation. Please contact us today at (239) 334-3933.

Which Types of Auto Accidents Does Your Accident Firm Handle?

Viles & Beckman, LLC is a full-service Florida auto accident law firm. With more than 40 years of cumulative legal experience, our talented attorneys have handled virtually every kind of auto accident, ranging from sedans and SUVs to commercial trucks, bicycles, boats, and any other type of vehicle.

We also accept cases along the entire spectrum of severity. There is no claim too big or too small. Whether you’re suffering from the routine fallout of a moderate car crash or the catastrophic consequences of a devastating collision, our Fort Myers auto accident lawyers can help.

We handle the following types of auto accidents:

Our wide range of experience uniquely positions us to assist with common crash scenarios, as well as, more complex or unusual situations, including complicated injuries.

We have the resources and networks available to pursue any type of auto accident claim to its fullest potential. Whether this means bringing in one of our expert witnesses to testify or using an accident reconstruction specialist, we got you covered.

Why Do Various Types of Auto Accidents Happen?

Regardless of the roadway or the vehicle involved, almost every traffic accident happens because of driver error. That is why the law imposes such a high standard of responsibility on anyone who sits in a driver’s seat.

When people fall short of that responsibility — even by accident — they can be held liable for the cost of the injuries and any other hardships related to those injuries.

Common Causes of Florida Car Accidents

Some auto accidents have certain additional considerations.

Some other things to consider about Florida auto accidents:

  • Boating accidents are often caused by inexperienced boaters who’ve rented watercraft for short-term use.
  • Most motorcycle accidents are caused by car drivers who fail to responsibly share the road with bikers.
  • Truck driver fatigue is a major cause of commercial trucking accidents and the blame often falls on the driver’s employer, who may insist on unreasonable or illegal driving schedules.
  • Simple inattentiveness and neglect are responsible for many pedestrian injuries. Additionally, local governments may be responsible for failing to keep pedestrian safety in mind when designing crosswalks, roadways, or traffic signals.
  • Intoxication is a major risk factor in all of these auto accidents. That includes alcohol, legal drugs, illegal drugs, and over-the-counter medications. Drivers can even be held responsible for using drugs appropriately if they impair their ability to drive.

Taking Your Next Steps after an Auto Accident

If you’ve recently been injured on the water or the road, read our list of steps to take after an auto accident right away.

The most important task is to seek immediate medical attention and legal assistance. If there is an apparent medical emergency, call 911 without delay. Otherwise, make an appointment with your doctor to get checked out in the very near future. Then, immediately get in touch with an experienced Fort Myers auto accident attorney.

Remember — insurance companies will be eager to settle your claim for as little as possible. Don’t sign a waiver until you talk to a lawyer (free of charge).

Free Case Review with Experienced Fort Myers Injury Attorneys

At Viles & Beckman, LLC, we want to help you get the money you deserve. Contact us online or call (239) 334-3933 to schedule a free case review with our Fort Myers auto accident law firm today.

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