After a Slip and Fall Accident

After a Slip & Fall Accident in Fort Myers

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Slip and fall accidents happen when you least expect them. In the blink of an eye, they can fundamentally disrupt your entire life. Victims are left rattled, confused, and overwhelmed.

We can help.

At Viles & Beckman, LLC, we’ve been fighting for the rights of Florida slip and fall victims since 1995. We can aggressively seek maximum compensation for your claim with the goal of putting you in the best financial position for the future. Ultimately, we’re happy to handle everything for you but your first steps can make a difference in the outcome of your claim. The information on this page will help you protect yourself from day one.

You Aren’t Alone When Dealing With a Slip and Fall Accident

Slip and fall accidents are embarrassing. Believe it or not, the instinct to feel ashamed keeps a lot of people from pursuing justice after an injury that wasn’t their fault.

Don’t feel ashamed. Slips and trips happen every day and most of them are the result of a property owner’s negligence. If you’ve felt embarrassed about the ordeal, that’s only natural, but remember two things: You aren’t alone and it’s not your fault.

Please don’t miss out on the compensation you’re owed just because you’d rather not revisit an unpleasant memory. Likewise, don’t make dismissive statements to the store staff or property owner just to cover up your embarrassment in the moment. (That said, if you’ve already made such statements, our Fort Myers slip and fall attorneys can still help.)

Document the Accident Right Away

If possible, it is best to let the store manager or property owner know about your accident while you’re still present at the accident scene. Many companies require their employees to complete paperwork after an on-property injury.

Be careful about what you say. Don’t make any statements that relieve the property owners from liability and don’t downplay your injuries. Remember: You aren’t a doctor — you might not realize just how badly you’re hurt. Many injuries manifest slowly over time. Ask the managers to document the injury and, if possible, to give you a copy of the report.

Get Immediate Medical Attention for Slip and Fall Injuries

Your health is your top priority. If your fall results in an emergency, call 911. Otherwise, make an appointment to see your primary care physician as soon as possible. It is always a good idea to have a doctor check you out after a fall, even if you suspect your injuries are minimal. A documented doctor’s visit may prove advantageous during the litigation process as well. Even if you don’t display symptoms it is good to have yourself checked out just in case, since some injuries take time to show.

Remember: Worry about your health first and finances second. Our Fort Myers slip and fall lawyers can help you get the reimbursement you need for your medical care.

Collect Evidence About a Slip and Fall Accident

Even in seemingly clear-cut cases, evidence is always helpful when pursuing compensation after a slip and fall. If the insurance company can find a way to reduce your recovery, they’ll seize it! Solid evidence allows us to take an even more aggressive posture against the other side.

Evidence that you can begin gathering right after an accident includes:

  • Photographs of the hazardous condition. These may include pictures of the sales floor, a leaky ceiling, puddles, tripping hazards, crowded conditions, low lighting, examples of poor maintenance, or any other images that will help us recreate the scene for a jury later.
  • Photos of your injuries. Don’t worry about being too graphic. Our firm will handle your photographs with sensitivity and discretion. Be sure that you capture the severity of each injury as fully as possible. Of course, some injuries are not very visible and that’s fine. As a general rule, though, photographs are considered quite helpful.
  • Doctor and hospital records. Keep a log of every conversation or appointment you have with any health provider, whether it’s a doctor or a nurse. Ask your healthcare facilities to provide you a copy of all your records as you go. Unfortunately, even though you are entitled to those records, hospitals make the process more difficult than it needs to be. If you’re having trouble accessing your medical records, our Fort Myers slip and fall attorneys can help.
  • Contact information for witnesses. Eyewitness testimony is very important. Try to get the full name, address, email address, and telephone number for anyone who saw your accident or who could potentially testify about the dangerous condition that existed in the store.
  • Keep a journal. Your emotions, experiences, and expenses are all relevant to your accident claim. Keep a journal throughout your recovery and be as detailed as possible.

Don’t Speak to the Insurance Company Without an Attorney

It is imperative that when dealing with a slip and fall accident claim, you do not speak to the insurance company without having the legal assistance of an experienced personal injury attorney. Insurance companies will do everything within their power to take advantage of inexperienced slip and fall accident claimants. Despite what they may try to tell you, the insurance company is neither on your side not your friend in this situation. It is within their best interest to make sure that you receive the least amount of money possible so that they can keep it in their pockets to help raise their profits.

Insurance companies may try a number of tricks to try and get justification to deny a claim or reduce the value of a possible settlement. One way they do this is through checking social media posts the claimant made regarding their accident or injuries and use their words out of context. Another thing they may do is ask for a recorded statement that they will use in a similar way. The insurance company may ask for access to medical records that they have no business viewing in an effort to try and claim a pre-existing condition. The best way to curb strategies such as these is to enlist the assistance of an experienced slip and fall injury attorney.

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About the Author of this Page: The above information was written or reviewed by one of the attorneys at Viles & Beckman LLC who have a combined experience of nearly 60 years: Marcus VilesMichael Beckman or Maria Alaimo. The information provided in this article comes from years of experience trying legal cases outside and inside courtrooms throughout Florida along with extensive research.

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