Tire Blowout Accidents – Who is at Fault?

Tire Blowout Accidents – Who is at Fault?

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How to Determine Tire Blowout Accident Fault

Tire blowouts can pose an extreme danger on the road. A sudden tire blowout can cause a driver to lose control and result in a serious crash. However, how do you know who is at fault for a tire blowout crash? Car accidents have a way of causing significant confusion and panic amongst all parties involved over a short and intense period of time. People receive severe injuries in the blink of an eye and the matter of determining who is at fault becomes a new ordeal to undertake. In order to effectively seek compensation for any injuries caused by a tire blowout accident it is imperative that you be able to clearly outline exactly whose negligence contributed to the accident and by extension; your injuries.

Here is some information about tire blowouts and what you can do if you experience one.

How Does a Tire Blowout Occur?

Tire blowouts occur for a variety of reasons, but underinflation is the most common. That means that there isn’t enough air in the tires to stop the sides from being flexible enough to generate heat. Another cause of tire blowouts is alignment problems. Failing to get an alignment done as per the owner’s manual could cause a tire malfunction. One of the easiest things that someone can do to decrease the chance of a tire blowout occurring is to perform regular maintenance on their vehicle including their tires.

Does Weather Impact Tire Pressure?

Yes! Weather can have a serious impact on your car’s tire pressure. Tires lose pressure when the air is cold, and that could cause damage if not checked regularly. Extreme heat can also have a negative effect on tires. Hot roads can lead to the tires expanding which can lead to poorly maintained tires having their pressure increase to dangerous limits that can lead to the tire blowing out. The rubber on a tire that is worn down can give out under high heat conditions as well. Most vehicles newer than 2007 have a built-in tire pressure monitoring system equipped to detect low pressure. Owners of older vehicles may have to remember to check theirs manually.

What Is Tread Separation?

Tread separation is when the tread from the tire separates from the tire casing. It’s a potentially dangerous situation that can cause a car accident. It happens for a variety of reasons such as extreme tire abuse, excessive wear or faulty flat repairs. There are some cases where a tire is not properly maintained by a garage or similar maintenance provider and the treads can end up separating as a result.

Who Is Liable for a Tire Blowout?

The most common party responsible for tire blowouts is the driver of the vehicle that failed to perform regular maintenance on their tires. You are responsible for ensuring that your vehicle is ok to drive and will not be a hazard to anyone else on the road which means regular tire pressure checks, tire alignment, checking for tread balding, and tire replacement if necessary. In some cases, the blame for a tire blowout may fall to a manufacturer whose tires had some kind of defect that lead to the accident occurring. Occasionally, a maintenance provider may be at fault for a tire blowout accident when they failed to provide proper maintenance and therefore caused an accident through their negligence.

Determining who is liable for a tire blowout can be an arduous process. Having an attorney to review your case can make all the difference. There are many scenarios of fault. For example, manufacturers can be held liable if their tires are defective. Tire shops can be responsible if they performed a flat repair improperly, or they sold a used tire as new. A retailer can also be responsible for selling a tire that is more than a certain number of years old.

If you have been injured in a severe tire blowout, you have the right to talk to someone about compensation. The experienced attorneys at Viles & Beckman, LLC are ready to answer your questions and ease your concerns. Contact us today at (239) 334-3933 to learn more about how we can help.

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