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You Signed a Release of Liability Waiver and Got Hurt — Now What? Most of us are not thinking about the worst-case scenario when a release of liability waiver is put in front of us. We just see it as a necessary — and perhaps annoying — barrier between us and whatever it is we want to do. Many of us sign... Read More
Common Locations Where Premises Liability Occurs High Risk Premises Liability Accident Locations In the world of premises liability cases, there are so many places where accidents can occur. Unfortunately, there are some common places where slip or trip and falls may occur, putting regular people at risk of serious injuries due to negligence. For individuals... Read More
Does Weather Impact Premises Liability Cases Weather is a Factor in Your Premises Liability Claim There are a number of potential issues involved in premises liability cases, including the presence of bad weather and how this may play a role in slip and falls. It’s important to know if this impacts a case and how... Read More
Parking Lot Hazards There are many hazards in parking lots that you should be aware of. What are they, and what are you supposed to do if you’re involved in a parking lot accident?  What Are Parking Lot Hazards? It may not seem that way, but parking lots are wastelands of potential... Read More
Legal Options Available in Premises Liability What Can I do About Premises Liability In premises liability cases, many injured people are unsure of what rights and options they have regarding filing a lawsuit against the negligent landowner. This is a serious situation that often requires the help of a skilled lawyer. Unfortunately, simply because they... Read More
Deadly Falls are Rising among Seniors: Here’s How to Prevent Them According to a 2019 study, the number of seniors who are dying after suffering a fall is on the rise. This is disappointing news. Especially since slip and falls are already an issue for our elderly population as their eyesight, balance, muscle strength, and blood pressure declines. But when... Read More
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