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Common Injuries Sustained in Trip and Fall Accidents

By Viles Beckman | Jan 16, 2019

Trip and fall and slip and fall accidents are some of the most serious that not everyone recognizes. However, these types of accidents can cause significant injuries to anyone who experiences this situation.

Unfortunately, many slip and fall accidents are caused by the negligent actions of a land or property owner. For those harmed, knowing which injuries may be sustained can help in legal matters to pursue action against the negligent party.

Spinal Cord Damage

When someone slips and falls or trips and falls, they may fall backward with their feet leaving the floor. This could cause a significant impact on their back, potentially damaging the discs or nerves. It can also cause damage to the next and spinal cords.

Head and Brain Injuries

When someone falls, it can be difficult to stop the force of their body and slow down potential impact. This puts the head at serious risk of contact with the ground. The movement and impact on the brain can cause serious concussions or long-term injuries.

Broken Bones

When individuals fall in any situation, it’s easy to want to put your hands down to slow down the impact to the rest of your body. Unfortunately, this puts your hands, fingers, wrists, and arms at risk because the impact can break bones or cause fractures.

Many of these injuries have a long-term effect on the individual who falls, making it necessary to understand the legal rights that are available. These injuries can keep individuals out of work for an extended period of time and result in high medical bills.

As such, our Florida premises liability lawyers at Viles & Beckman work hard to help you understand your legal rights and options moving forward when negligence causes a slip or trip and fall. We have a firm understanding of the law in the state and what it needed to move forward.

Regardless of whether your injury occurred on a residential, business, or governmental property, we help protect your rights to pursue compensation. Negligence is not acceptable, and we work hard to seek the justice you deserve.

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