How Do Slip and Falls Occur in Public Places

How Do Slip and Falls Occur in Public Places

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Public Slip and Fall Accident Factors

There are a number of potential dangers that exist in the world, but we don’t expect an issue to arise simply as we’re walking down the street, shopping at a grocery store, or even visiting someone else’s home. Unfortunately, these can potentially happen. Knowing how these accidents can occur and cause a slip and fall is important, and people should recognize the dangers in order to keep themselves safe. Knowing how these accidents occur can help you understand what is needed to move forward. The Following are some of the more common ways that people can end up slipping and falling in public places.

Cracked or Raised Cement

You’ve probably seen many instances in which the cement is raised or cracked, posing a risk to individuals who may be walking or riding a bike. For instance, if a walkway has raised cement and a person doesn’t see it and catches their toe, it can lead to a potential trip.

Broken Handrails On Stairways

In homes or businesses, stairs should have proper handrails in order to keep the individuals safe when walking up and down. However, these may be broken or have other problems that result in the handrails not being properly supported.

If the handrails are not properly maintained, or if there is another problem with them, they can cause an individual to put weight on them unknowingly, and trip or fall. As a result, the individual could get hurt from falling off the stairs or down the stairs.

Wet or Slippery Floors

These are common in grocery stores or in locations where there is a lot of foot traffic. Some situations may require the floor to be mopped or cleaned in a manner where the floor becomes slippery. This makes it easy for anyone to slip and fall.

When these types of accidents happen, it can lead to serious harm for the individuals affected. It is important for those hurt to understand their rights and options, helping them seek legal action against the negligent party.

Common Slip and Fall Accident Injuries

When it comes to public slip and fall accidents there are a few types of injuries that tend to occur more often than others. When we fall, most of the time we walk away with little more than a few scratches or bruises and perhaps a little injury to our pride but it is also very easy to fall in a way that results in severe injuries like the following.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

There are times when someone may fall in a way where their head impacts the ground with sufficient force to cause what is called a traumatic brain injury. This is a category of injury that results in significant damage to the brain due to a blow sustained by the skull. Common traumatic brain injuries include concussions, brain contusions, as well as coup-contrecoup injuries. The worst thing about traumatic brain injuries is how they can often end up causing permanent damage. What makes this even worse is how this damage will usually result in cognitive issues among victims.

Broken Bones

While broken bones are an injury that is fairly common with treatment consisting of not much more than setting the bone and placing it in a cast, there are some instances where broken bones may be worse news than one anticipates. When certain bones are broken there is a risk of damage to internal organs. For example, a broken rib can puncture your lung or a major blood vessel might be ruptured and a broken pelvis can damage the organs it surrounds.

Back Injuries

Injuries to the back can end up being quite serious since the spine can be damaged in all kinds of ways. There is a high chance that falls can result in an impact on your back or you landing back-first onto some kind of object that can cause severe damage. One of the worst ways you can injure your back is by having your spinal cord damaged in some way. The spine is responsible for providing structure to the body but it also houses the spinal cord which acts as a communication pathway between the brain and many parts of the body. The spinal cord can be damaged by fractured vertebrae, slipped discs, as well as general trauma.

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