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Senior Driving Safety Tips

By Viles Beckman | Feb 11, 2014

As our population lives longer, people are able to enjoy extended, full lives. Even at an advanced age, many people continue to enjoy everyday activities such as driving. In addition, as you age, it is normal for your driving abilities to change. By incorporating safe senior driving practices into your life, you can help avoid an accident.

As we age, our joints get stiffer, our eyesight decreases and we may become hard of hearing. Aches and pains may slow down reaction time and our ability to focus may lessen. To offset these changes, Fort Myers car accident lawyers offer some simple tips to help seniors stay safe on the road:

  • Have your ears checked. Make sure you can hear well and wear a hearing aid while driving, if necessary.
  • Have your eyes examined regularly.
  • Check your medications. Check in with your doctor, making sure you can drive safely while taking your medications. Don’t drive if you feel fatigued, dizziness or ill because of your prescriptions.
  • Sleep well. Get plenty of rest before hitting the road.
  • Inspect your vehicle. Frequently have your brakes, tires, engine and other vehicles parts inspected. Regularly change your oil and perform scheduled maintenance.
  • Know your limitations. Try not to drive for long periods at a time. Stop if you feel ill or exhausted.
  • Listen to others. If your friends and family express concern, try to listen to their advice and input.

Accident victims of any age should consult a Naples auto accident attorney after a motor vehicle crash. Even the safest drivers may be involved in an accident when another motorist acts carelessly or recklessly. An attorney can help you handle the insurance companies and maximize compensation.

For more information, contact Viles & Beckman, LLC. Our well-qualified, experienced accident attorneys provide effective legal counsel for you and your loved ones in the event of an accident.