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Top Road Dangers That Cause Accidents

By Viles Beckman | Feb 13, 2019

Whether shuffling kids to school, running errands or going to work, driving is part of everyday life. Even though you have a clean record of safe driving, unforeseen obstacles could cause a severe accident. From potholes to malfunctioning traffic lights, here are some of the most common road hazards every driver should watch out for.

Sun Glare

You may have heard in recent news that Prince Phillip was involved in a car accident that injured another driver. He claimed that sunlight had obscured his view. This is not an uncommon occurrence. Driving into direct sunlight can interfere with your vision and using the sun visor doesn’t always prove to be the most helpful. While you cannot change the sun’s timing, here are some things you can do to avoid sun glare and decrease your chances of a car accident:

  • Avoid traveling during early morning and late afternoon hours where glare is most prevalent.
  • Use polarized sunglasses.
  • Keep your windshield clean.

Missing Road Signs

We rely on road signs to keep us safe and to ensure we are moving in the right direction. Just think of how dangerous an intersection would be without stop signs.


Potholes are a notorious road hazard. They can pose the following problems that could lead to a car accident:

  • Tire blowouts
  • Wheel damage suspension and steering out of alignment
  • Damaged bearings

Tire Blowouts

Tire blowouts have a significant impact on the control of your car. Once a blowout happens, your vehicle will slow down and can pull you in an unwanted direction, thus posing a risk of an accident. It’s important to get to the side of the road as quickly and safely as possible. Some common reasons for tire blowouts are:

  • Underinflated tires
  • Overloading
  • Potholes
  • Low tire pressure

Malfunctioning Intersection Lights

Have you ever seen old black and white footage of cars driving aimlessly because there were no intersection lights? While we’ve come a long way with technology — sometimes power outages happen and intersection lights malfunction causing drivers to fend for themselves. This is a dangerous scenario that has the potential to create a serious accident.

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