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Recent Blog Posts

Collier County Woman Files Class Action Lawsuit Against Volkswagen

Fort Myers, FL - A Collier County woman has filed a class-action lawsuit against Volkswagen over charges that the manufacturer rigged some vehicles to hide the level of harmful emissions they produced. … Read More »

Senior Driving: Safety Tips

As our population lives longer, people are able to enjoy extended, full lives. Even at an advanced age, many people continue to enjoy everyday activities such as driving. In addition, as you age, it is normal for your driving abilities to change. By incorporating safe senior driving practices into your life, you can help avoid… Read More »

If Florida Boat Operator Licenses Are Not Required, How Can I Take Legal Action Against the Boat Driver Who Caused My Injuries?

Florida waterways attract vacationers from around the world, making licensing virtually impossible. But even if Florida law does not require operators to have licenses similar to those required for drivers, it still requires every boat operator to follow all state and federal boating regulations. If you sustain injuries caused by the negligence of a boat… Read More »

If Drivers Cause Injuries due to Texting While Driving in Florida, do Victims Have Legal Recourse to Pursue Lawsuits?

Suffering injury in an accident with a distracted driver may give you grounds to sue for negligence. Of course, you can generally file a claim against your own no-fault insurance policy to pursue compensation to cover the costs of your injuries. But if you sustain severe injuries, the costs can exceed your policy limits. Keep… Read More »

What Constitutes Negligence in a Florida Boating Accident?

Even though boating does not involve roadways, the Florida rules of boating negligence are the same as for motor vehicles. Individuals are legally negligent when they owe someone a duty of care and breach that duty, causing injuries or property damage, resulting in some form of loss to the injury victims. While boat operator negligence… Read More »

Why does Florida Law Hold Convenience Stores to Lower Standards for Providing Security to Customers?

Florida premises liability law holds all business owners responsible for providing reasonable security for visitors to their property. This can mean employing bouncers to help prevent fights at a bar, or providing sufficient lighting at a store entrance in order to discourage theft or other criminal acts. In regard to convenience stores, the law actually… Read More »

Why Does Florida Connect Adult Motorcycle Helmet Requirements with Medical Insurance?

At one time, Florida law required all motorcycle riders to wear helmets. However, motorcycle groups lobbied for change, largely because the Florida heat makes helmet use extremely uncomfortable. In July 2000, the state legislature passed an amendment to the initial law that still included specific helmet use requirements for riders under age 21, while repealing… Read More »

How Can I Ensure the Safety of Elderly Loved Ones Who Require Nursing Home Care?

One of the most difficult decisions anyone can make involves entrusting others to provide high-quality care to the people who cared for them. But if your loved one develops a condition that requires 24-hour observation and care, you need to rely on others to ensure his or her safety. Conducting extensive research and obtaining personal… Read More »

Do I Have Complete Responsibility for the Safety of My Children at a Private Swimming Pool?

The Florida legislature recognizes that adult supervision is the most important way to ensure the safety of young children at a swimming pool. But if pool owners or other adults accept this responsibility, they may also take on liability in the event of an accident. Still, the question of liability extends beyond issues of supervision,… Read More »

How Can I Ensure Appropriate Care for a Relative Suffering From Alzheimer’s Disease?

The nature of the devastating illness Alzheimer’s Disease makes patients particularly vulnerable to abuse and neglect by in-home caregivers and nursing homes alike. Whenever possible, you should seek care from an individual or facility with specific experience working with Alzheimer’s patients. But even if your loved one has the highest quality care available, you need… Read More »

How Can I Prove the Negligence of a Restaurant Owner When I Slipped and Fell on a Greasy Floor?

Whereas the burden of proof used to fall on Florida businesses when customers suffered injuries on their unsafe premises, the law changed in 2010, shifting the burden of proof of negligence onto the accident victims. It may seem counter-intuitive to expect Florida slip and fall lawyers to prove what a restaurant owner knew about a… Read More »