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Preventing elder Abuse
How to Prevent Elder Abuse Jan 14, 2020

After her husband suffered a fall within his first week at a nursing home, a Sarasota resident took to the […]

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Finding Personal Injury Attorney
How to Find a Personal Injury Lawyer Jan 13, 2020

If you were harmed or injured because of another party’s intentional or negligent actions, you face many decisions in the […]

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Garbage Truck Accident
Dump Truck and Garbage Truck Accidents Jan 12, 2020

Dump and garbage trucks are ubiquitous on our roads. Both are vital to our communities—garbage trucks for maintaining sanitary living […]

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Average Neck and Back Injury Settlements
Average Settlement for Car Accidents: Neck and Back Injury Jan 11, 2020

Five Factors That Go Into Most Case Results One of the most common questions we receive from potential clients is: […]

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Semi Truck With Tank Accident
All About Tanker Truck Accidents Jan 10, 2020

Millions of big trucks (15.5 million, to be exact) transport nearly 70 percent of all freight that moves on American […]

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Two Young Multiethnical Pharmacists Working At Modern Pharmacy.
Dealing with the Fallout from getting a Wrong Prescription Jan 06, 2020

In 2019, 4.38 billion prescriptions were filled in the US by pharmacies, healthcare providers, and nursing homes. Considering the population […]

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