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  • Life Jacket Laws In Florida
    Life Jacket Laws In Florida

    With hundreds of beautiful beaches and marinas, boating is a favorite pastime of many Florida residents. However, safety is a major concern for boating enthusiasts, especially for parents of young ...

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  • Motorcycle Insurance Buying Guide
    Motorcycle Insurance Buying Guide

    Helpful Tips from Experienced Fort Myers Motorcycle Injury Lawyers Buying insurance isn’t easy. There’s so much to consider, a whole lot to know, and a slew of people you aren’t sure you can trust. ...

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  • VW Recall Attorneys
    VW Recall Attorneys

    VW Recall Volkswagen has been in the news over the past few months for the worst possible reasons. A new class-action lawsuit is forming against Volkswagen over charges the automaker has been rigging ...

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  • Senior Driving: Safety Tips
    Senior Driving: Safety Tips

    As our population lives longer, people are able to enjoy extended, full lives. Even at an advanced age, many people continue to enjoy everyday activities such as driving. In addition, as you age, it ...

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  • Boating Accident Injuries and Lawsuits
    Boating Accident Injuries and Lawsuits

    Florida waterways attract vacationers from around the world, making licensing virtually impossible. But even if Florida law does not require operators to have licenses similar to those required for ...

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