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Ways to Deal With the Insurance Company

By Viles Beckman | Oct 24, 2018

The time following a car crash can be complex and individuals can run into a number of potential problems along the way. Unfortunately, this situation is only made worse when having to deal with the insurance company for a number of reasons.

Far too often, these insurance companies are only looking out for their bottom line—their own profit. This often means devaluing your injuries and denying liability. When you’re already dealing with the hardships of an injury after an accident, you need someone to help you deal with the insurance company.

Avoid Speaking with the Insurance Company Alone

Many insurance companies will ask that you provide them with a recorded statement of the accident. When this is done by the defendant’s insurance company, they are looking for any statements they can use against you and in favor of their own client.

You have the right to tell the insurance company that you do not want to make any statements—especially on recording—without having your lawyer present. Or you can have your lawyer answer any questions the insurance company may have so you don’t say something they can use against you.

Don’t Say Any Statements That May Be Used as an Admission of Guilt

Following an accident, one thing an insurance company may ask their defendant is if you said anything that may be used against you as an admission of guilt. It’s unfortunate, but even sympathy can be used against you.

For instance, if you say “I’m sorry” even if the accident is not your fault, this may make it seem like you’re at fault for the crash. Even saying something else such as, “I didn’t see you there” can be damaging to your own case.

Protect Your Rights with a Lawyer

Don’t let insurance companies take advantage of your rights to pursue legal action. If you’ve been harmed by someone else’s negligent action, you deserve the right to hold the responsible party accountable with the help of a Florida car accident lawyer.

At Viles & Beckman, LLC, we have a strong understanding of car accidents and the types of injuries sustained. We also know what victims need to do to protect their rights and we’re dedicated to helping. When you need help with a lawsuit, trust in our 40+ years of experience.

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